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  Welcome to the Virus Project
This Blog has been initiated to team up on understanding ... the Virus.

I have good treason to believe that the notion we have about the virus is quite wrong.

The Virus is represented as a pathogen: something that causes disease. I think this is not so. It is a, the?, basic form of life.
The Bacteria, likewise, was represented as such; it took more than a century for people to realise that bacteria are just another life form. Probiotics are now accepted as part of our food.
In fact, Lynn Margulis proposed that the bacteria are our small great great great ancestors.
The same, i suggest, is the case for the virus.

Proposition: Virus are a life form we emerged from.

In fact, i will propose that the computer virus and the biological virus are quite related; the one helps us understand the other; is my conjecture.


Experiments proposed that life originated on primordial Earth.
Lightning discharges over a 'primordial soup' of methanes and other gasses, led to the formation of amino acids. A primordial molecule of life. 'Lightning frozen in matter'... Since, these molecules have evolved into the Enzymes and Hormones, RNA and DNA which are now represented as if the magic wands that form life. (They are not.)
These molecules are electromagnetic antennae. They modulate charge discharge. In that sense they are like nano-computers.
It is this idea that i wish to bring into the study of Virus.


In the ongoing evolution of life forms on planet Earth (and elsewhere), information has been integrated into matter. Matter has become more and more immersed with Freedom of Choice. While the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics appears to show a universe that runs down, there is a complementary Law of Incarnation: more and more complex life forms emerged. These 'laws' seem to be related. The materials that our body is composed of, is capable of responding to information, directly. Our body as a whole is an information processor.
The idea i wish to propose is that a vius is an information processor in a most rudimentary form.


In the ongoing evolution of life, we can trace back our human origin through animal life forms, back to plant life, back to mineral substance.
Parallel to this and interwoven with this, we see that our human body cell originates from the eukaryote cell which derived from the bacteria; which are like a virus with an envelope around it.
This project explores the relationship between the virus and bacteria, fungi and other microbial life forms.
Specifically, it looks at a mathematical angle: what is the relationship (in the life forms) between the molecular antennae, the emergence of an envelope around them, and the interactions between the rod antenna and plane antenna (nucleus and membrane; Field and Boundary) in the way the nano life - the virus - form computes
1) the wave fields in which it lives,
2) the freedom of choice of its responses,
3) the evolution that can ensue, and
4) the memory of experience that it carries?


Computer virus do not exist. When a computer virus brings your computer to a grinding halt, and destroys all your data, physically nothing has happened. Because a computer virus does not exist. Switch off the computer, and it no longer is there. It is no object, it has no mass, it has no substance. It is a pattern of information. You need to turn on the computer, activate the CPU, and start the system for a computer virus to 'work'. A computer virus is ... information. With the ability to change information.
Long ago already it was realised that the computers we have are 'useless'; too primitive. They have no freedom of choice. They clone our behaviour; but are nothing more than a mirror. Slaves. They have no life of their own. Long ago already it was clear that the computers we need
1) need to generate their own energy,
2) need to operate on memory like now used in PDA's and USB memory sticks,
3) must operate autonomous automatic programs - "computer virus" - to function, and
4) require some sort of self-regulation (self)control by which the programs activate and deactivate to suit the ambient conditions.

In this Blog these ideas are combined, around the following question:

The proposition is that

  1. virus are not pathogens, but live nanocomputers
  2. virus developed into bacteria and thence to higher life forms
  3. computer virus can help understand the information processes in a virus
  4. what we seek to understand is the link between information and matter;
    in the virus (and thense all life forms)

You are welcome to offer your reflections and insights.


I invite the synergy between us all;
to come up with ideas that can emerge between us,
which no one has come up with before.
The reason for this is simple: we need to understand life.
We need a theory of life; not a health care system based on models of dead matter.

We need to bring science to life;
by incorporating life into the core studies of science

If you do not agree or cannot understand what is proposed here;
there are many other blogs you can visit.

Feel well


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hypothesis: we emerged out of the virus. A virus is not a pathogen, but nanoprocessor; and alive. By combining insights of virus and computer virus, can we come to understand life : the integration of information in matter; with freedom of choice. !

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